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This past weekend I was visiting in Winston-Salem. Saturday I had a chance to do some shooting with my cousin Hughes Grogan at Hanes Park. I had not been back to the Park to walk around in a very long time.

In the first image of the tree, I imagine this oak tree is old enough to have been here when my dad and Hughes' dad went to Reynolds High School years before we did.

The Park was first planned in 1890 as a multi use format. Today the park is used by diverse groups and individuals and facilities include tennis courts, track, baseball/softball fields as well as open fields for multi-use. The park is also home to RJR High School Baseball Track and tennis teams. A future football field is planned.
Oak tree outside the men's gymTunnel that runs under Northwest Blvd connecting the two campuses.Stairs to the street.Couple enjoying the sun at the north end of the park alongside Reynolda Road.RJR Baseball fieldEntrance and bridge at the bottom of Clover StreetLooking thru to Clover StreetFocusing on detail.Most of these bridges, steps and pathways are original to the park.Baseball field next to Glade StreetSnow patternsWalking PathShadows of Christmas Past