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When we visit Winston-Salem to see my daughter and her family, its hard for Denise and I to come straight home. And before you say it, yes, I know Boone and the High Country are not on our way home, least not directly.

On some trips to Winston-Salem, my dad would ask me to stop by the mountain house and pick up a blue print or other item he had left there, again, not on my way there. However, it was my dad asking, so off we went.

The mountain have always been a second home, and was home for several years, as a family we were there often, guess that was dad's influence. Mother was certainly a beach mama. So glad Denise also has a love for them too.

So mountains, add snow, and a strong desire to see them hills. Can't do this only you know, had to include Bill and Laura, our very good friends. Plans were made for lunch at Pepper's at noon, but first a little exploring.

My images show a few places we wondered and I must apologise, sometimes the views are so beautiful, you just have to behold them for yourself, so everything was not captured. This gallery has those views we wanted to share.

I hope you will enjoy them as we did finding them.
Grandfather Mountain from Hwy 181Grandfather Mountain from Hwy 181On the MeadowDenise found the deep spotMore views of the meadowFrom a distanceDenise and FiWee Kirk PresbyterianWee Kirk PresbyterianWee Kirk PresbyterianWee Kirk PresbyterianWee Kirk PresbyterianNo you're not seeing thingsA closer look.Farm HousePastoral viewsWinter FeedStamey Church on Stamey Branch Road in Altamont