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Believe it or not, this evening starting out was planned as a Milky Way Shoot at Lake Nottely. And as you can notice we are not anyway near the location. Thanks to Topical Storm Sally the cloud cover all week was too much for astro-photography. Paul Daniels was also hosting a Meet-up at Jackson Street Bridge, so on to the bridge.

Met Tommy Meyer at Publix in Flowery Branch and met up with Ben Hines at the bridge. We were not sure of how the sky would turn out with the high cloud cover, but along with the nice Fall evening in the air, so was hope.

So the long and short of it, the evening was great the sky did show out a bit and here are my images as proof. Can't wait to see other's images as I troll through the Internet.

Great to see so many familiar faces and a chance to meet other photographers at the bridge. Always a good group, Thanks Paul!

As you can see we could not stop at shooting the, we had to add in a couple other locations and that story we will save for another time.