Southern Train Depots
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Southern Trains Depots is the celebration of an era in American history that was a critical part of the industrialization of this country. The railroad moving west to connect the two coastlines brought the United States to the forefront and made our country the strongest in the world. The railroad connected small towns together and allowed for free trade of local products and agriculture.  People were now able to travel outside their local area. The railroad connect towns to cities, cities to other states and beyond. Depots were a place for people gather to hear news, mail letters and packages. Depots in rural areas had general stores and were community centers. This site is an attempt to preserve through images these buildings for their operations and design.

The graphic above shows Flowery Branch GA depot as it is today. All photographs are copyrighted by John H. Grogan unless otherwise noted.
Southern Railway, Central of GA & N&W logos used by permission of Norfolk Southern Corporation.
Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Railroad used by permission of CSX Corporation.


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