Photography Workshops & Tours

My workshops are designed for one thing and that is increasing your photographic knowledge which leads to 
increasing your awareness and confidence. These workshops are designed to put you into situations to cause you to think about your surroundings to provide inspiration, creativity and employ your existing skills while learning new ones.

I will be there to assist you with advice, technical support and to share my 40+ years of experience in photography. We will photograph waterfalls, landscapes, rural scenes and night photography. My workshops are not cancelled for rain because there are no bad skies in photography.

John has over 40 years experience in photography. During his career, John has exposure to many different types of photography. Though his business has been centered around commercial and college and professional sports, John has plenty experience in family photography. 

John started his teaching early while at East Carolina University. Since then he has taught classes at Forsyth Community College (NC), Wake forest University (NC)
William King Art Center (VA) and workshops in NC, VA and GA.  In addition, John has presented photography to many local photography clubs in North East Georgia. John studied digital photography and reproduction at the Art Institute of Atlanta. (Photo by David Rosen)



Places we visit: Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia for mountains, waterfalls, vistas, Blue Ridge Parkway etc; Coastal North Carolina for beaches, lighthouses, night sky, wetlands etc. Georgia Coastal areas provide good educational support. We stay at hotels and have been known to camp out. 

Private, individual sessions are available by contacting me by email. Please state what type of lesson you are want and how many sessions you need. Details will be sent to you.

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