Interior Wall Design - Corporate Campuses, Lobbies, Waiting rooms
  Photography Artwork for Purchase or Rent

With the advent of the Internet and increased use of graphics and design, people are more and more accustom to seeing enhanced graphics and images that have visual impact. In every magazine, website, advertisement, TV commercials, enhanced graphics and images are everywhere.

John H. Grogan is a photographer that can assist you with photography artwork for your offices, lobby area, waiting rooms, patients rooms or reception areas.

Roadside art or warehouse art, has no place in your office or waiting room. It's less expensive (in more ways than you think), but in today's world it can be a reflection on your business.


Show your clients and visitors of your commitment to the local area with outstanding photographic artwork that stands out above canned paintings that mean nothing.

John can work with you to select the right images for your office or restaurant. In addition to our catalog of images, you can commission John H Grogan Photography to provide imaging that is unique to your business. You are a manufacturer or chef, why not have exclusive images of your product or food creations.


My Photograph Catalog Includes Images From:

North Carolina Mountains
North Carolina Coastal Region
Local Georgia Areas
Railroad and Depots
Grist Mills
Covered Bridges
... and more

Office images are simulated, photography is from John H. Grogan