Today alumni from Brenau University gathered at Truist Park in Marietta for the Atlanta Braves / National’s game. Approximately 150 Alumni from the University enjoyed the hospitality of the Hank Arron Terrace at the ball park. This is the third event at the terrace and the 5th event since its beginning in 2016.

Dr. Anne Skleder was excited for the university to host this and other events to keep the Alumni engaged. Last year’s event was cancelled due to Covid, and very glad to see the tradition return this year. She is looking forward to students that may have commuted last year to return to campus again this year. You may be able to continue teaching through remote methods, but you build unity and school pride by being together. The university builds its future through the quality of the Alumni and events like this builds a strong university.

University President, Anne Skleder, was joined by other university leaders, CFO: David Barnett, and VP of External Relations: Matt Thomas along with the Director of Alumni Engagement: Ashley Carter, and other External and Alumni Relations staff. **

1. Alumni from Alpha Chi Omega
2 & 3. Alumni and families enjoying the indoor and outside opportunities.
4. Dr. Skleder with University Leadership and staff.
5. Truist Park from the Hank Arron Terrace
6. A view of the Hank Arron Terrace.
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