Here are some images from my trip back to Cades Cove. My friend Bobby Arnold and I ventured back to the cove for more photography. Some of the photography worked out, while some did not. But one thing about going to the cove. is you will always take away more than you expected.

The first night the photography did not work out as we planned, but we were serenaded by a coyote pack. A few in front of us and others spread out all around us. We saw plenty of turkeys, deer, a few bears and I'm sure more of them saw us that we did not see.

Next time up I want to take the trail ride into the cove. I'd like to have an idea of how the first people saw the cove so many years ago. If you have not been to Cades Cove and you love the outdoors, this needs to be on your short list to do.
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