Photography by Angus Mackay

Aeneas Simon Mackay was inaugurated to Chief of Clan Mackay at Strathnaver Museum in Bettyhill, UK. He became the 15th Lord Reay in 2013 after the passing of his father, Hugh Mackay the 14th Lord Reay.

The day began cloudy and overcast. By 10:00 the rain began and seemed as if it would last all day. The inauguration was already delayed an hour the day before. as the hour approached noon the rain had stopped. Folks started to gather for the processional to start the days events. As we walked toward the museum, spots of sunlight broke through the clouds and by the first words spoken the sun filled the churchyard.

Approximately 100 Clansmen were expected and nearly 200 were in attendance, with attendees coming from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia South Africa and other countries. Heather Mackay, president Clan Mackay Canada, Siegfried H. W. Schierstedt-Mackay, president Clan Mackay Germany, John Grogan, president Clan Mackay USA, Jaime Chambers, VP USA and David McKay, VP USA. Hosted by Sandra Mackay, President, Clan Mackay Society, Scotland.

Aeneas Simon Mackay, was born March 20, 1965, is a Scottish Lord, Dutch Nobleman, and hereditary Chief of Clan Mackay. Aeneas Mackay, Lord Reay, was elected was admitted to the House of Lords in January 2019 as a member of the Conservative Party.

In 2010, Aeneas Mackay married Mia Ruullo, from Finland and oldest daughter of Markus Ruulio. Lord and Lady Reay live in Chelsea SW3 with their three children. Alexander Mackay, Master of Reay; Hon Iona Mackay and Hon Harry Mackay

Mackay’s from around the world attended the ceremony in Bettyhill. Supporters estimated at 200 people witnessed the oath taken by the Lord Reay, making him the 29th chief of Mackay a distinction of the hereditary lordship of the Lord Reay.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the civic center in Bettyhill where Lord Reay was greeted and celebrated both kinsmen, clansmen, friends and family.

In a separate ceremony, Lord Reay appointed six clan leaders to Commissioners of Lord Reay, Chief of Clan Mackay. These Commissioners will act or represent Lord Reay in his absence. They are:
Heather Mackay, of Canada
Siegfried Schierstedt-Mackay, Germany
John Grogan, USA
Jaime Chambers, USA
David McKay, USA
John Wells, USA
Strathnaver MuseumStrathnaver MuseumRehearsalRehearsalRehearsalRehearsalRehearsalGoing over the procedure of the Chief's oath of office.Farr StoneChief's BannerDonald MackayDonald MackayStrathnaver MuseumRev Mary StoboDavid McKay VP Mid-Atlantic USASiegried Schiersstedt-Mackay Clan Mackay Germany