Lake Lanier Sunset
Photographer: John H. Grogan
Photographed: 202100725
Nikon D850

Beautiful evening on the Lake. Like most evening trips on the lake, this was no exception, although as I made my way south from the marina toward the dam, the sky looked like heavy rain the closer we traveled.

We picked a place near 'Three Sisters' to catch the sunset which was still in question. As the minutes passed, the sky was in constant motion. Break in the sky would open up and then suddenly close.

Then small openings got larger, sun rays began to beam and the amber light slowly got brighter. The shy sun seemed to keep its distance by never completely revealing itself. Spots of blue began to appear against the backlit dark clouds. An amber light reflected on the water as the sun faded behind another cloud.

Still not finished, just before falling behind the trees, it appeared, full and round, now a rich dark orange, the sun came out as if a final reveal for the day, then quietly slipped out of sight.
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