Train depot images from across North Carolina. I have quite a collection of depot images that are suitable for framing as described in my email.

These would make perfect gifts for any train buff for an office, home or train room.

These are depot images from North Carolina's historic locations. I am beginning work on the depot along the North Carolinian Train route in a few weeks.

In addition to these depots I also have images of the ones that are not in good shape.

I also do commission work for those who want specific imaging and I would share a percentage on those referrals.

These depots are symbols of a time when railroads built America's industry and carried crops to market, opened an era of travel taking people far beyond their local area.

Many of these buildings have been repurposed, remodeled and preserved for future generations. Sadly many have fallen into disrepair and torn down.

My collection is an attempt capture these depots for generations to come.
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