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I have been blessed to return to this mountain for many years. Many of those as a photographer to capture images.

This gallery is from the most recent 20 plus years from my collection of hundreds if not thousands of images.

I have seen rain, fog, felt the wind, sun burn and freezing temps, ... heard the roll of thunder and witnessed the flash of lightening. Friends and family have come and gone and remembered.

Many years have passed since I first walked onto this meadow at a young age. Today I attend with my wife, my daughter, her husband and my two grandsons. Three living generations and two before me have celebrated our Scottish heritage on this mountain.

I want to share this gallery of images from over the years that have made Grandfather Mountain Highland Games so special to my family and many, many other families.

This is dedicated to the army of people that made this event possible so long ago. And to those folks and clans that keep it going on so more generations can come to celebrate long after we have gone.