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After I moved here in 2007, I had a chance to shoot Superbike Championship at Road Atlanta. Prior to this I had never photographed a bike event even close to this kind of racing. I was glad this is a multi-day event, because it took me an entire day to get up to speed, no pun intended. These guys are moving at an incredible speed for being on two wheels.
The the rest of the races I think I got the hang of the challenge of photographing these wonderful machines.

Since we cannot shoot races right now, I thought I would re-visit a Superbike competition a few years back.

Superbike racing is a category of motorcycle racing that employs highly modified production motorcycles, as opposed to MotoGP in which purpose-built motorcycles are used. The Superbike World Championship is the official world championship series, though national Superbike championships are held in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United,States, Japan, Australia and Canada. Superbike racing is generally popular with manufacturers, since it helps promote and sell their product, as captured by the slogan "Win on Sunday; Sell on Monday".