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Capturing your wedding is the only things we are there for, the way we shoot, pose, and work your wedding is the way you will remember your day. When all is said and done, the birdseed, bubbles mopped up and sparklers have cooled off. What remains is our work.

I have 40+ years in professional photography, during that time I have quite a number of weddings in my career.

Yes, I have been mostly a commercial photographer and college and professional sports, but that experience is put into every wedding. I shoot from a journalistic point of view and the demands from art directors and set designers also goes into each and every wedding I shoot.

I would like an opportunity to talk to you and discuss your wedding, how you envision your photography. Call me, consultations won't cost you a thing.

Email me at, [email protected] or if you're old fashion like me, pickup the phone and call me, (770) 530-7197.

I will look forward to hearing from you.